hello! welcome to the land of amateur html . we are a autistic sys with npd . we collectively go by yuqi or zesto and we use she/he, are asian and 16 !! we made this site .. just because !! we r currently planning to add personal pages for each of us, as well as other fun stuff YIPPEE . anyway for those who came from twt just read the short intros, and if i fit ur dni or u fit mine (unlisted for privacy) ill sb or block accordingly !!

meet us!

KIERAN or VALENTINE! she/he, introject of kanata shinkai, kokone fuwa and MORE!!! i like pokemon, precure, twewy, imas (sidem. cgss), monster high, and EVEN MORE!!

HERO! he/him, introject of chiaki morisawa and yuno kashiki . he likes prsk, enstars, precure + more .

SONNY! she/he, introject of elite four will (pokemon) and rindo kanade ! rlly into pokemon, precure, twewy, yokai watch, im@s(shiny colors)++!! his adjectives are silly and inviting (not really) .

LALA! she/her, likes fashion subcultures (esp gyaru!!) and thats about it there is nothing much to say .

thought of the whenever

to do
add journal page for each of us
think of more pages to add idk